Rahm Roast Coffee
Perfect Non-Toxic Fair Trade Way To Start Your Day

NO Mold - NO Fungus - NO Parasites - NO Heavy Metals - NO Toxins
Cup Score 91

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91 Cup Score

Rahm Roast Coffee is a Fair Trade Specialty Coffee
Awarded a 91 cup score.

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Best Brewing

According to our Rahm Roast Coffee Expert the best brewing method is pour-over using below boiling-point water.

Grown in Guatemala

Experience the exquisite flavor of Rahm Roast, organic, fair trade coffee beans from Guatemala. What sets Rahm Roast apart
is the incorporation of our patent-pending proprietary solutions that eradicate harmful toxins.
These solutions are widely acknowledged for their numerous benefits, making Rahm Roast a truly exceptional and revitalizing beverage.

Single Source Beans

Rahm Roast coffee beans are single sources beans. This means that they are all grown in one place which ensures a unique flavor, note, and aroma. Origin: Guatemala huehue. Region: Huehuetenango.

Harvesting Beans and Cleaning Process

Rahm Roast coffee is grown in the mountains of Guatemala at an elevation of 1,700 masl (meters above sea level). The beans are harvested, cleaned then shipped to our Master Roaster in Turkey.

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Shipping Rahm Roast Coffee Beans

Most coffee beans acquire toxins and parasites after they have been harvested. Rahm Roast coffee beans are cleaned thoroughly enough to remove mycotoxins, fungus, parasites, and heavy metals.

Root U and Rahm Roast

It is true that conventionally grown coffee often involves the use of various synthetic chemicals,
including fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides.
These chemicals are used to increase crop yield, control pests, and manage diseases in coffee plantations.
However, it is important to note that not all coffee farms use the same level or type of chemicals, as practices can vary.

The ROOT Brands

Root Brands Products launched in Europe - February 2, 2020. The doors opened in the USA one year later in 2021.
Root's mission as a health and wellness company is to provide simple, yet effective solutions for getting to the "root" of your health problems.
Root is committed to providing alternative approaches that help people feel empowered and capable to take charge of their health.

CEO Clayton Thomas

Born to parents who owned a veterinarian clinic, Thomas grew up studying animal physiology and understanding how critical mineral supplementation was to a healthy diet. At WSU, he majored in Humanities, dividing his study time between business, communications, and kinesiology.
"After college, I was introduced to the philosophy of systemic detoxification," he said. It was the first time in my life that God tapped me on the shoulder and said 'follow this'." That was where ROOT initially took root, but perhaps more importantly, following his faith led to a phone call with Dr. Christina Rahm.

Dr. Christina Rahm
Rahm Roast Creator

The founder and the formulator of Root have developed global, world-class success in the health and wellness industries in over 75 countries.
Dr. Christina Rahm has gained years of experience in the fields of nanotechnology bioscience engineering, counseling, psychology, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical clinical research and development, and nutrition.
Dr. Rahm has channeled her passion as a visionary and her own hardships with health into creating a multitude of provisional patents and proprietary formulations, including BSCG.

Claire Poulton
Your ROOT Ambassador

With roots in the Yukon, Claire Poulton was born in Vancouver while her father was serving in the Canadian Army Overseas. Having been involved in athletics both in school and at various sports arenas, nutriton and health was a natural transition after starting a family.
After the birth of her fifth child, Claire was introduced to the "Health & Wellness Industry" with the focus on Natural Healing.
For the last 40+ years, it has been long journey of research. Claire found Root Brands in August of 2021 after several health challenges, and has been an Ambassador of the Root Brand Products ever since.